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I am María Blanco, the founder of SMART-Learning for Spanish and author of “SMART Ways for Learning SPANISH”.

At SMART-Learning for Spanish, I coach students on principles and strategies that help them to be effective learners, take control, experience self-confidence, and enjoy learning Spanish or other foreign languages. These principles and strategies are intelligent and elegant ways of learning, which is why I call them “smart”.

I also train language teachers on how to teach smart principles and strategies to their students in secondary, adult, and higher education settings.

My workshops, coaching, interactive talks, and book have been very well received by both students and teachers. You can access examples of typical feedback in ~Testimonials and ~The Book . More information about my work and background can be found in ~Events, ~Coaching and Training, and ~About Me.

I am passionate about helping students and teachers to be more effective and enjoy studying and teaching foreign languages. If you are interested in discussing coaching or training options, do not hesitate to get in touch with me through the ~Contact  page.

Un cordial saludo,