FOR STUDENTS. The coaching helps students to:

  • Clarify their motivation and goals for learning Spanish
  • Apply SMART-Learning strategies
  • Expand the range of activities and tools they can use for effective learning
  • Understand how to select suitable resources and materials
  • Acknowledge their achievements and identify areas that require attention
  • Create a SMART-Learning action plan for taking their Spanish to the next level

~ With Maria´s coaching and clear insights into how language learning actually works, I could access strategies and principles that make learning a new language feel possible again. It now feels both fun and easy. Rather than having the feeling of having to climb a mountain it now feels more like ‘hey, lets play!’.~ Stefan Wetterholm, Life Coach

FOR TEACHERS. The interactive talks and workshops enable teachers and course managers to learn about:

  • Types of language learning strategies
  • Strategy training models
  • Strategies for developing better speaking skills & self-confidence
  • Materials available for strategy training
  • SMART-Learning strategy training activities that can be integrated in Spanish as a Foreign Language lessons, and that are aligned with the learning outcomes of different courses, students’ needs and teachers’ teaching styles.

~ Asistí al taller de María Blanco En el aula: Las inteligencias múltiples y estrategias de aprendizaje, que tuvo lugar el en Instituto Cervantes de Londres y fue una maravilla de taller, muy claro, bien pautado y con conclusiones a partir de su propia experiencia en el aula. Me ayudó mucho a tener una visión clara de los diferentes tipos de estrategias que existen y qué actividades podemos usar en clase para activarlas. Para mí las estrategias eran algo más relacionado con una cuestión más personal del estudiante, de su estilo de aprendizaje y de sus creencias. Pero este taller me hizo ver que esas estrategias individuales se pueden activar en clase y de forma enriquecedora para todos.~ Nieves Haya, Profesora de ELE, Instituto Cervantes de Londres

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