Coaching and Training

I provide tailor-made interactive talks, workshops, and coaching for students and teachers of Spanish and other foreign languages. 

For students

I teach students key principles and strategies that help them learn how to increase their vocabulary effectively, how to make good progress with pronunciation, and how to perfect their grammar. For example, students learn how to integrate strategies of formal study, such as vocabulary flashcards and listen-repeat activities, with strategies that can be used while doing informal learning through listening to songs or watching films. This combination of formal and informal learning is both powerful and enjoyable. The result is that students gain self-confidence, make more progress in their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, and perform better in their exams. And last, but not least, students enjoy their learning more and feel more motivated to keep learning.

For teachers

I teach language teachers about different types of language learning strategies, and how to help their students to develop their language skills effectively, be more self-directed, and gain more self-confidence in their abilities. I also share with teachers a simple sequence of activities and materials that can be used to teach language learning strategies in foreign language courses.

You can check examples of training events in  ~Events and samples of typical feedback from students and teachers in ~Testimonials.

   sessions are available.